Scalar Pre-Party by ScalaWAW

Let's meet before Scalar!

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Let's meet at UWAGA PIWO near the conference venue. If you're a beer geek, ScalaWaw thinks you'll like the place! There will be other drink and food options available. The meeting starts at 18:00 and will continue until late at night. You're welcome to attend, even if you're not attending the conference the next day! All the event details are on Meetup.

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Might Be Interesting

Day 2
1:30 pm
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Pretty little compilers

We all have pretty little things laying around in our codebases, yet, we seldom give them the same love

Day 2
3:30 pm
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The future of Scala

Scala is improving rapidly. This session will give you the perspective of someone in the middle of these changes.

Day 2
11:30 am
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Cats Effect - Dispatcher, Supervisor, IOLocal

We will look into three less-understood, yet (arguably) extremely useful constructs introduced in Cats Effect 3: Dispatcher, Supervisor, IOLocal

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