Location: Warsaw, Poland
photo of warsaw by kamlil gliwinski

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will answer all of the most common questions regarding the event

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Travel information

Like in previous years, the Scalar conference will take place at the POLIN Conference Centre.

Google directions here.

There are quite a few conveniently located hotels nearby. You can plan your stay in advance and book your stay in a hotel of your choice.

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Location: Warsaw, Poland

Scalar Code of Conduct

Scalar Code of Conduct is a document created to provide guidelines for conference Participants, including Attendees, Speakers, Partners, Sponsors, Organizers, and other parties, to ensure that all Participants understand what behavior is expected and accepted and what behavior will not be tolerated at Scalar conference. It is expected of all Participants to comply with this Code of Conduct at all Scalar events and community activities, including conferences, meetups, workshops, off-site events, online communications within Scalar communities, and social media interactions via Scalar channels.

If you believe someone is violating the Code of Conduct, please contact Anna Zabłotna at anna.zablotna@softwaremill.com. All violation reports will be kept confidential. We will investigate all incidents reported carefully. The Organizers of Scalar reserve the right to exclude any person violating the Code of Conduct from Scalar events and community activities in entirety or in part and/or cancel the person’s ticket without a refund.


At Scalar, we are dedicated to providing a fantastic experience to all our Participants and Community Members. To ensure that this experience is fair and comfortable for all, we have developed a set of rules to prevent undesired behaviors. When you attend a Scalar event or interact with the Scalar community, you agree to respect the boundaries of others, be considerate and respectful, refrain from discriminatory, demeaning, harassing behavior and speech.

To make sure we provide our Community with clear guidelines on what is expected and unacceptable, we prepared a list of such behaviors.

What is expected:
1. Respecting other people’s boundaries and being considerate.
2. Respecting other people’s privacy and personal space.
3. Speaking up when unacceptable behavior takes place.
4. Sharing your opinions on matters related to the theme of the conference or other, at the same time avoiding aggressive advertising or pushing your services, products, causes, or beliefs.

What is unacceptable:
1. Being disruptive during the conference, including causing fights, being physically or verbally aggressive, drinking excessively, taking drugs.
2. Invasion of privacy, including taking photographs of people without their permission, sharing screenshots of private conversations without permission, disclosing other people’s personal information, stalking.
3. Ignoring health and safety guidelines, putting you and/or others at risk.
4. Using discriminatory, harassing, abusive language or materials (speech, text, imagery, video, etc.) during the event and related activities. This includes the prohibition of using offensive, sexually explicit, or otherwise inappropriate content in the materials one prepares for the event (e.g. presentations, marketing materials, etc).
5. Violence, physical and verbal, including threats of violence, intimidation, abuse of power. This includes personal insults directed at other Participants of the event or Members of the Scalar community.
6. Discriminatory language, in particular referring to gender, race, origin, religion, psychosexual orientation, disability.

The Organizers of Scalar reserve the right to exclude any person violating the Code of Conduct from Scalar events and community activities in entirety or in part and/or cancel the person's ticket without a refund.

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