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Day 2
4:00 pm
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Growing Oxen: channel operators and retries

In this session, I will guide you through two recent additions to Ox that I helped implement: channel operators and retries.

Day 2
2:00 pm
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Turbocharging web socket integration for Tapir

We managed to alleviate almost entirely the slowdown induced by Tapir in a web socket server. The journey towards this goal was quite insightful, and we would like to share it with you.

Day 1
12:00 pm
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Hands-on Besom: Infrastructure-as-Code with Scala

In my talk I will guide you through a deployment of a complete AI-based web service using Besom, Scala SDK for Pulumi.

Day 2
10:00 am
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The debatably Free monad

This talk is my slightly expanded version of that statement, and should hopefully understand what "Free" is, what purpose it serves and where it came from.

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