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Day 1
1:30 pm
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My First Year in Scala

In this talk, I will cover three key concepts that emerged from reflecting on this past year of learning: making mistakes, helping others to help you and finding community.

Day 2
11:30 am
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Implementing multithreading in Scala Native or a story of 201 little pains

Listen to a story of how we have dealt with 201 obstacles allowing us to run multithreaded programs natively!

Day 1
4:00 pm
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Minimize your Python Discomfort: A tour of NLP with Spacy, ScalaPy, and Scala 3

In this talk, I will show how you can use ScalaPy to leverage an excellent NLP library like Spacy, minimizing your discomfort of using Python, and enhancing your comfort with Scala 3 for the remaining parts of your application.

Day 1
2:00 pm
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How slow is your tram?

In this beginner-friendly talk we'll try to find out using the power of Scala and functional programming techniques.

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