Location: Warsaw, Poland
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Full-stack Scala 3 with the ZIO stack


Just as Scala has transformed the way we build applications with functional programming, the ZIO stack is changing how we build strong, testable and provably correct APIs. With a focus on functional Scala and a real world application, this workshop is a practical way to learn full stack Scala 3 with ZIO and friends.

The stack

- Tapir
- Quill
- ZIO Test + TestContainers
- Laminar

What will you learn?

- Structuring a full-stack application for the ZIO stack
- Writing effectful, purely-functional modules for database interaction and web servers
- Separating business logic from the "operational" parts of an application
- Adding configuration
- Testing
- Refactoring
- Integrating Laminar with ZIO for a powerful frontend, on top of ScalaJS
- Adding full-stack features to an application
- Understanding patterns and anti-patterns while working with ZIO
- Building and configuring for dev, staging, prod

Who the workshop is for?
This workshop is aimed at mid-level Scala developers who want to understand all the major parts of the ZIO stack of libraries (see above) in a coherent way - why they exist, how they work together - while working on a practical project with realistic features and requirements that they might encounter on the job.


- Good command of the Scala language
- Being comfortable with the purely functional style of writing code

Good to have
Some familiarity with ZIO - will help you "click" the pieces more easily
- Operational dexterity (navigating, refactoring, compiling, setup) - will allow you to focus more on the new content and ideas, rather than fixing compiler errors

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Trainer's bio

Daniel Ciocîrlan is the creator of Rock the JVM, the online training platform for Scala and all major tools and libraries in the Scala ecosystem. As of January 2024, his courses have reached more than 100000 people all over the world. Daniel has also personally held training sessions for teams at Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, ING and many others, on Scala, functional programming, big data and a variety of libraries and techniques specific to Scala.

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