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Supercharge your streams with cats-effect and fs2

Stream processing lies at the heart of many complex problems. Learn to solve them with fs2, the most sophisticated functional streaming library. This workshop will demystify the art of functional stream programming. We’ll see how cats-effect and fs2 excel in event-driven architectures and tackle complex concurrency challenges; all the while maintaining performance, resource safety and error recovery. As a final challenge, we’ll use our knowledge of event-driven systems and concurrent processes to code and animate a simulation game in Scala 3.

What will you learn?

- Reasoning through stream evaluation
- Working with effects with cats-effect IO
- Working with effectful streams
- Combining streams
- Error propagation, recovery and retries
- Resource manipulation over the lifetime of a stream
- Chunking and performance
- Concurrency and parallelism
- Managing concurrent state with cats-effect
- Understanding backpressure in event-driven systems
- Handling backpressure with queues


- A knowledge of basic Scala syntax (either Scala 2 or 3).
- Some familiarity with pure functional programming: you've written pure functions before, and are comfortable using functions such as map and flatMap on lists.

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Trainer's bio

Zainab Ali is a functional programmer, educator, open source contributor and organizer of the London Scala User Group. She is a maintainer of fs2 and the original author of its reactive streams component. For the past five years, she’s helped developers master the art of functional programming in Scala. She’s particularly interested in the skill of reasoning through concurrent systems.

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