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Scalar — A Free-to-attend Scala Conference

 Warsaw, Poland

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Call for papers / Call for topics

Open until Jan 31st. We’ll accept speakers on a rolling basis
What would you like to see covered on the conference?

We are looking for anything that you think might be interesting for a wider audience and that is Scala related. Maybe you are using Scala in a novel way? Or you wrote an interesting open-source library? Have an experience report from a project you are working on? Or maybe you just want to show what can be done with the Scala language and existing Scala tools.

Do you want to see your favourite Scala speaker at Scalar 2016? Or maybe you have a particular subject/library/framework you'd like to hear about on the conference? Let us know, as each year our goal is to make a conference that fits the audience as much as possible! We'll do our best to invite the suggested speakers or recruit speakers on specific subjects.

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Never been to Scalar before?

Check out previous editions to get an idea of how awesome Sclar conference is!
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Organized by

Andrzej Ludwikowski

Michał Chmielarz

Daniel Kos

Krzysztof Grajek

Jacek Kunicki

Jan Zborowski

Adam Warski

Małgorzata Wojciechowska

Sylwia Górska

Bartek Andrzejczak

Łukasz Żuchowski

Katarzyna Leszczynśka-Bohdan