Making Scala batteries-included with Scala Toolkit

How to make Scala more approachable and productive?

Szymon Rodziewicz
Szymon works at the Scala 3 Compiler Team.
About This Talk

How to make Scala more approachable and productive? We believe that we have found an answer to that question. For the last couple of months, the VirtusLab and Scala Center team worked on making Scala Toolkit a reality. When it's released, Scala Developers will be able to use a set of libraries built by the community, out of the box, after just installing the Scala binary. In this talk, I will talk about the process that lead us to this solution, its current status, and plans for the future. I will also explain how cognitive science, and even neurocognitive science, helped build us a Developer Experience framework that we used to select and work with the libraries.

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