How to build lightweight microservices using ZIO stack

Let's go through some libraries from ZIO ecosystem that will allow us to implement API layer with ZIO HTTP

Marcin Krykowski
Seasoned software engineer specializing in distributed systems, functional programming, data-driven systems, and ML
About This Talk

Using web framework can be good for prototyping but not necessarily for bigger production systems. In the end ti gives you more constraint than benefits. And we don't want to use Spring magic, do we? :)

Thankfully we have alternatives in Scala. This allows us to build modern, lightweight microservices that will do the job but allow us - developers - to benefit from functional programming.

In this talk we'll go through some libraries from ZIO ecosystem that will allow us to implement API layer with ZIO HTTP, utilising some type endpoints defined with Tapir, creating Swagger documentation and also connecting to database with Quill and ZIO SQL. Let's see how they work together!

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